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Dorothy Sayers said

The people who hanged Christ never, to do them justice, accused Him of being a bore – on the contrary; they thought Him too dynamic to be safe. It has been left for later generations to muffle up that that shattering personality and surround Him with an atmosphere of tedium. We have very efficiently pared the claws of the Lion of Judah, certified Him meek and mild, and recommended Him as a fitting household pet for pale curates and pious old ladies.  


About justingunter

I'm recently 29 years old, recently married and ready to change the world for God. He has called me to be a missionary! This means more than just changing zip codes and living in countries where I struggle (for a while) speaking the language the locals dream in. It means a lifestyle of sacrifice, audacious Hope and above all, a desire for Jesus simply because He is who He is. I moved to Franklin, TN in October 15th of 2012 and expect this to be the first of many changes for the great calling on the Gunter's life. Side note...I dig being married. It helps when you're married the best woman ever! Teale and I feel called to plant churches, combat sex trafficking and be a place of refuge and Holy sojourn to all who would seek to join alongside us for good or for a season. For now, Ol' Rocky Top is our home, Zoey is our Great Dane and we, the Gunters, love Jesus with all we have.

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  1. yes. give me dorothy sayers or give me death.

  2. Yeah. I really need a lesson in religion from someone who gave away an illegitimate child rather than be judged by a Christian society.

  3. Yeah. That´d be right up there with reading and endearing the Christian writings of someone who was a most notorious murdered of the Christian people: Paul the Apostle.

    Good thing we don´t hold mistakes and peoples dark pasts ovethem, acting unforgiving in every sense. Good thing our Christian Love “keeps no record of wrongs” as Corinthians says to do.

    One mistake, even a tragic one, that we would mistakenly rank as being an extra bad one (which God does not do) does not determine someone´s new, free and redeemed life in Christ.

    Maybe you need to recognize Dorothy Sayers the way Christ does, forgiven and free.

  4. I know of a man who committed adultery, then had the woman’s husband murdered to cover it up. I’ve learned a lot at God from him. In fact, he was a “man after God’s own heart”.

  5. and don’t you remember how God dealt with him? David didn’t get away with that crime at all, but was confronted by the prophet Nathan who told him that because of what he did the sword would never leave his house. David was called a ‘man after God’s own heart’ not because of the stupid things he did, but because he had the grace and wisdom to repent wholeheartedly afterwards and seek forgiveness. With his repentance came a change of action and attitude; he never repeated the same offence twice. He’s also called this because he’s an example for all of us in that we all will sin and make bad choices, some of them truly terrible, but he illustrates that God will forgive them all if we return to him was a truly penitent heart. That means a heart which recognized the evil that was done and repudiates it from then on. None of us are perfect and we’ll all sin and choose wrong at various times in our lives. The difference is in how we act afterwards. Do we harden our hearts and walk in stubborn pride, or do we repent as David did and seek God’s forgiveness? that’s why David is revered and remembered as he is; he illustrates our fallen nature so well, but he never rejected God but always returned to him.


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