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Mission Field Update #2

I am here! I made it into the U.K. 3 days ago counting this morning. Two different families have opened up their homes to me during this, the beginning part of my Mission’s trip. Margaret and Martin McGuire are a semi-retired couple whose hospitality ages like a fine wine. They are young in spirit and have helped me around town, with me often shuffling to keep up. We’ve even had burgers and pizza the past few nights…A touch of home on the dinner plate.

The Hindleys are an amazing family that live roughly 10 minutes across town from the McGuires. Brian and Rose are a wonderful Mom and Dad and treat my like one of the boys! We recently went to Temple Newsam, a countryside estate that looks like something straight out of Pride and Prejudice. We consecrated it by playing football (soccer) all over its enormous fields. We got extremely muddy and man points were awarded!

I would encourage you to pray for them both as their Love is continued to be poured out on both myself and my calling. The McGuires and the Hindleys are their names. (Left: Adam and Alex Hindley)


Before I left I contacted Kaiser to see if I had any vaccinations from childhood still outstanding. At that time they informed me I had all my shots up  to speed. I left for this trip under that notion. I just received an email from them that they had “made a mistake” and that I never finished my Hep A&B shots. This means I will need to start over with that series of vaccinations before I leave for Africa.

Main problem now is, Hep A&B vaccinations usually take 6 months to administer as a series of 3 shots. I called Kenya and they told me that they would probably not allow me to enter into their country without the shots successfully completed.

The only possibility of averting this hindrance is Read the rest of this entry


Missionary Newsletter #1

Ireland & AFRICA

Dear family and friends,

I pray this letter finds you well. It has been quite the journey thus far pursuing Missionary work, and although the plan did not end up as I originally intended, God is in control. In fact, He has brought together a greater opportunity than I could ever have hoped to orchestrate myself. (Eph 3.20)

My past 4 months of pursuing Missions

Month 1

Pursued Ireland…VISA delayed, volcano erupted, contact fell through.

Month 2

Pursued Africa…More VISA issues and my contacts fell through.

Month 3 and 4

Waited on God to move for a patient two months…

God brought BOTH

Ireland AND Africa to me!

And now…I am embarking on the details below.


I depart September 24th for Ireland! I will spend the better part of three weeks meeting up with Pastors and church-planters from Dublin to Belfast, witnessing how God is moving throughout Ireland. I will be specifically leaning deep into my conversations, trying endlessly to learn about the culture, the movement of God, or lack thereof, and what has worked and failed for the church in Eire thus far. I will learn Ireland so I can then pray about living it.


After my month in Ireland it’s off to Kenya for at least 3 months to pursue the other side of the vision God has planted in me: Working with children at risk and planting orphanages. I will be traveling to Read the rest of this entry

Ire to Iris

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

– 1st Corinthians 13:12

It was nearly 6 months ago to the day that I began to “pull the trigger” as it were on following the Lord’s leading on my heart to head to the Mission Field.

It seemed simple enough: Allow God to fill me with bravery and abandon. Allow those traits to permeate my every motive. Ride that strength and freedom into the Mission Field (Ireland). Funny how the most confusing things often times have the simplest roots.

If you follow this time-line you will see God’s protection at its finest…

– 2 months ago I had my VISA delayed. This delay persisted and kept me from entering Ireland, causing me to cancel my original flight

– 2 weeks after I canceled my flight, I learned that the church I would have been serving in would not have been able to accommodate me as they were undergoing many as-of-late changes.

– 2 weeks after that I received a letter from the main ministry organization I would have been working with, informing me they no longer felt they could accommodate my missionary hopes.

As you can see, had I been able to go to Ireland as I originally intended on June 3rd, it would have taken only a few short weeks for me to find myself without a church to serve in, or without my main source of ministry. That would have been an adventure no doubt, but likewise a disappointment. But out of the ashes of disappointment can once again arise the intended fire. Ireland’s door being shut in my face only emboldened me to remember why I was doing any of this; Why I was going through the inconvenience of raising support to craft a life that would be one of inconvenience, sacrifice and foreign shores. I have been made by God to be a missionary! And by God I will do so!

As I returned to God in prayer after these handful of set-backs began to mount up I distinctively felt as though I had done what was asked of me…“Pull the trigger.” I never had a back-up plan, because my plan was and is to go to the Mission Field and get my feet wet with what I believe is my calling in life. My mode of attack for this plan was, at first charge, the shores of Ireland. I’ve always Loved Ireland and I always will, and perhaps one day I will get to grace her shores and spend time with God’s island. But my calling is much bigger than a strategy, a mode of attack, a VISA delay, a disgruntled volcano and certainly bigger than Ireland. And so, I bid a confident “Slan Eire” (goodbye Ireland).

As it so happened, God gave me many ideas as to how to attack and carry out this plan of the Misson Field at the outset. One of those many ideas was working with Iris Ministries. Read the rest of this entry

Ireland in 15 days!!!

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The Calling

During my first semester of college at Fresno State God planted a deep seed into my heart: The thought and privilege of becoming a missionary for Him. At that time, I still had much to explore simply in terms of surrendering my life to Him as a Christian, let alone be a missionary, but the Missionary seed was planted nevertheless.

Since that calling from God first found me, His provision has allowed me the following opportunities…

Scotland – Churchplanting

Mexico – Building homes for the homeless

Peru – Hospice work in mental institution, urban ministry

God has greatly refined my vision and calling over these past 5 years, surpassing my wildest expectations and prayers. (Eph. 3:20) He has placed upon my heart ministering to orphans and churchplanting. With this refined detail to my destiny and vowing not to become a “professional dreamer,” I am taking the first step toward fulfilling my calling and seeing where God would have me land longterm in the Mission Field.


This summer I have been invited to Northern Ireland to serve on staff at the Murlough House. The Murlough House is Mother Theresa (orphans/outreach) meets YWAM (hospitality/outreach). I will be shadowing and serving alongside the Assistant Director, Richie Shilliday, a Belfast-boy who is the same age as me and has seen Murlough grow from nearly its beginning. Some of the opportunities I believe I might have, based on what the day-to-day needs are and my gifting could be the following…Leading worship, leading devotionals in the morning during the week, Spearheading the Children’s Ministry efforts to thousands of little Irish kiddos, Preaching both at local churches as well as for the Murlough outreach services, helping the Hospitality facet of Murlough, ensuring that the dozen or so teams that come from all over the world to serve are enabled to do just that, and even working in the coffee shop they own. I get pumped just thinking that any of that is going to happen let much of it!

Why Murlough

It’s simple. Murlough allows me the opportunity to truly delve into orphan work while simultaneously scouting out a land that holds my heart, surveying it intentionally and internally to see what church-planting there would require.

Why me?

This is my favorite aspect of all the dynamics surrounding this opportunity! On all my trips out of the country, either for vacation or ministry’s sake, being noticeably American has not always been the greatest advantage for me. In some cases, as in Mexico, it caused some persecution that led to some awesome and dangerous situations to brave through for God’s sake. Northern Ireland is wonderfully unique in that they see and receive young, American males as Christian and not as Protestant or Catholic, which is where the still-to-this-day strife comes from within the culture.

Just by being American, I am said, by the Murlough staff (born-and-raised Irish) to have an open door to the hearts of these children and young adults unlike anyone else. They admit that even with their years upon years of relationship with the kids, that Americans can come in and leapfrog them in days. Praise Jesus!

The nuts and Bolts

My time in Ireland had already seen support come around, both financially and spiritually. My family has been an incredible support to me and I would be remiss if I did not allow so many people who believe in my future to not participate in sharing in this journey. There are many suggestions as to how to go about this part of being a missionary. Some say ask unabashedly for financial support, some say walk up to that line of begging and almost cross it, others say don’t breathe a word of it to anyone: “God’s funds never lack God’s work.” I’m more of a middle-of-the-road kind of guy; always have been!

Attached is the financial/date information portion of this particular adventure. If you feel inclined to support me, however that may be, whether through money or prayer, I invite you to do it.

What I do need: Genuine support, meaning if you say you’re going to pray, pray. If you say you’re going to give money to changing the lives of neglected Irish orphans, then, with joy in your heart, do so!

It’s a privilege to be part of this, whether on your end or my own. I thank you in advance for even reading this letter and all the more if you give your support, for in a very simple sentiment: This cannot happen without you.         707.333.9036

$1,800     – 3 month’s stay at Murlough House

$250        – Transportation between ministry sites in N. Ireland

*Two ways to give

(1)                                                                                 (2)

Make checks payable Online Giving

Remnant Church                                                   

1500 Day Dr.                                                                    Click on “give”

Fairfield, Ca. 94533                                                          Click on donate”

Mark “Justin” under “purpose”

The threnody

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I booked my ticket today for Ireland! This has been a lifelong ambition and over the past decade, a heart-trek that has until recently existed solely in the romantic nooks of my heart. It’s an odd feeling thinking that on May 27 of this month I will heading toward Eire for a 3 month plus adventure. Read the rest of this entry

the Refrain

It truly is amazing to think about how far you can think you have come in this process of being transformed into Love. But then, given the right slapdash of circumstance; Usually just sitting in the idle of winds that can so easily change our Holy momentum, you find that you are,  just as God found you, capable of anything for good or evil.

No mistake, you have been made anew! You’re made this way by a King who doesn’t need you, but wants you more than anything you’ve ever wanted. Read the rest of this entry

the tiny-huge gym

I love it when at 4:30am I am one of 10 people in a gym that can fit 400 people, but somehow everyone there is working out within 5-10 feet from each other. We seem to gravitate to the same equipment despite the hundreds of free machines to choose from. Oh to be sought after as much as free-cables…we should all be so lucky! It is in this place, haha, that all man rules are infringed upon while nearly all man points are nowhere to be found when we all crash together that early in the morning…bad breath, beading sweat, and those awkward grunts that are much easier to pretend to not notice when you are a preferable 100 feet away.

It feels a bit  like what I imagine being in a sitcom would feel like. And since that’s not clearly enough to enjoy, I then keep my headphones in, but pause the song entirely in the hope  to secretly listen into the outside world. Wow, it’s like eavesdropping out in the open! I feel like like I’m cheating on my fellow human; kind of like kissing with your eyes open. Anyway, just a few humorous musings about the wanderings of a select few who beautifully disregard the American 5 foot cushion we’ve all bought into.  I Love my tiny-huge gym.