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Tug of War

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand!

When Destiny, the thing you can’t shake off, get rid of, lose sleep over, outrun or make happen on your own, tugs on your heartstrings, do not insult it by planning to do it. Our timelines are often times the last defense between us and God’s plan to prosper us and bring every knee to bow. I have been under heavy attack the past few weeks spiritually as I have really dug in and sought out what God would have me do with my life. I already had some whispers and leading on the issue so I wasn’t flying blind, but I was, as with all things that the perfect will of God, flying into enemy territory. I believe the Enemy has limited resources and is not greater than He who is in us (God). That said, he’s good at being bad. He’s been practicing evil as a corporate entity for longer than anyone around, he’s never been at a loss for new recruits and endless enlisted re-upping, and he has some pretty intense henchmen: Angels, albeit fallen ones.

 Bottomline, when you seek God and His purpose for your life, know that there are only a few things the Devil cares about, if I can say it that way. Make no mistake, he cares for Read the rest of this entry


Ireland or something else

I prayed for over 16 years to be able to go to Ireland. On February 15th that prayer was fulfilled. I remember when Ireland first came into my thoughts…I spoke of it as “her,” and courted it by reading about “her” and asking as much as I could about “her,” to anyone who had spent time with “her.” It was, by all accounts, a relationship that carried my heart.

As with any relationship that matters and demands the strength to endure more, there comes a time to have the infamous

“DTR” Define The Relationship. All the romanticism and epic dream-work that I had allowed to serenade my thoughts of Ireland had finally run their course. There comes a time when, no matter how compliant and patient Love is, you simply must taste, see and have it in front of you, confront every part of it, ask it for forever, and leave or stay with the answer given.

The entire endeavor to Ireland was steeped in potential future Missionary work, and much like that confronted Love I urged before, I had to come to see, taste, smell and be with Ireland. I’ve been trying dearly to lean into God on this trip and hear from Him what He would tell me about Ireland. As He would have it, He has been dousing all the remaining romantically lit notions I did not admit were still burning strong. He does this out of Love, for artificial light can never be kindled and therefore can never spread.

Ireland is no longer is Read the rest of this entry

He is the Answer, You are the battle plan!

If you have ever found yourself in the conversation with someone who had an issue with serving God because of the pain in the world, and all the wrong-doing, then read on…by the way, The process of arguing to not serve God because of all the pain in the world is called theodicy.

What’s all this pain happening for?
Why isn’t God doing anything about it?
Because lives are perishing all over the place at such a market pace that it’s…astounding.
Why are there 148 million orphans in the world?!
Why is their 27 million slaves in the world today?!

We as the Church can look back and say…

“Well God, exert your will! If that’s your will do something about it!”
God says,

“I’m constrained to work through the hands, the feet, the hearts, the minds and the lips and the lives of my church. And if you do nothing… Nothing is being done! Read the rest of this entry

Epic Lovestory

Many of you are asking how my last 3 months have gone…with missions, with what’s next and with my heart and where God is leading it. I am happy to share this Epic Lovestory with you.

I left nearly 3 months ago to cross 3 oceans in order to serve God in the Mission Field. Before I left on my amazing adventure (New York, Iceland, London, Dubai, Kenya) I prayed a nearly 20 year old prayer.

Lord, help me find my wife…draw her close to me and me closer to her

I embarked on a crazy tale of orphans, witch-doctors, snakes, indifference, demons, tangible Holy Spirit presence and a flat-out breaking of my heart for the things that happen far from our United shores. But the greatest mission field did not find me in the U.K. or tramping around through Dubai, or even in the red dirt of Kenya…it was in an answer to a prayer I had refused to stop chasing long ago.

On one of my first nights in the U.K. Read the rest of this entry

Waiting to see

(Traded some street boys, addicted to glue, their nasty glue bottles for some ice-cold Fanta sodas.)

So, here’s the skinny of it. A missionary may have all the zeal in the world, but part of their momentum, I believe, is held in the people and the support they are willing to pledge to keep you in your place of service! God enjoys this cooperation and “all-aboard” mentality as He is glorified and sent among the hurting in this world.

That said, my support is only able to keep me here for another two weeks… but, I have much more than that still to do! I am praying to be able to be out here through Christmas.     

Among the projects that I am hoping to be able to stay here and continue (through December) are…

  • Building multiple walkways (cement) for the Baby orphanage
  • Serving at the baby orphanage, 3x a week,  as their on-site builder and help alleviate some of the interim Director’s responsibility (87 babies!)
  • Serve at Mataaw Children’s Home, twice a week, co-overseeing the property while the Directors are back in the States in furlough
  • Oversee the final projects at my original children’s shelter… the “Shoe Drive.” (see last blog).
  • Etc. Read the rest of this entry

Orphans no more

Mission Field Update Letter #4

I’m sitting beneath a mosquito net, still batting away bugs from the light on my computer screen as I write this. Yes, I am definitely in Africa! I bet by the time I finish writing this sentence the power would have either flickered off or altogether shut off…Yep, there it goes! T.I.A. (this is Africa). Someone asked me today how long I have been here and I was taken aback when I had to admit to him “Only 12 days.” It’s only been 12 days but I feel like it could have already been 12 months. I have been so privileged to be able to do so much already in my short time, see so many different ministries, and genuinely serve in all of them.

Some of what I have been involved in thus far…

I’ve held AIDS babies until they fell asleep in my arms, helped dress for bed 89 under 4 year olds in an electricity deprived shelter…twice, I have played soccer with kids so far removed from society that some had never seen a Mzungu (white person), dressed wounds, ran children shelter kids to the hospital, waited in line at a clinic’s overflowing AIDS seating, preached to a Swahili speaking congregation, built a 5o foot sidewalk for kids at a Baby shelter, learned how to farm like a Kenyan, led worship, prayed against witchcraft, chopped grass with a machete, cooked Chai, hand-washed more clothes than Whirlpool, gotten stuck in the mud…twice, got chased by Thunderstorms and a Black Mamba, and so much more…

I can truly say Read the rest of this entry

Mission Field Update #3

Dear Family and Friends,

My heart and mind are racing this morning with excitement. It might go without saying, but I really enjoy the time when I sit down and report to all of you about what God is doing out here on the Field. Sharing this life’s work with all of you is a mixture of humility and privilege and refreshes the truth: I live in a unique and constant place of blessing just now, having access to your prayers and strength and continuing to be able to chime in from corners of the world that you help keep me at. God is using each and every one of you and I pray for more of you as I seek more of God.

Good news…The U.K. portion of my trip is coming to a close! I am delighted to say that I have accomplished all I felt led to come here and do. I have spoken with dozens of Irish men and women who have both braved the Ministry as well as called Ireland and the U.K. home now for longer than I have been alive. It is in sitting across from the pub table, or the tiny living rooms that I see it…the genuine joy, fear and hope that comes out of these people’s faces and inflections…That is where God has given me such treasure and vision on this trip. I now have exactly what I need to pray effectively about whether or not the U.K. and Ireland will be a home for future ministry.


“There is no way a dark, dying, spiritually struggling country was not going to let an energetic, young, fiery man who wants to talk about Jesus all the time, call the U.K. home for a while and not fling him up behind a pulpit.” (Renfrew Baptist member)

Just this past Sunday I preached in a church that has been around since the 1800’s. Renfrew Baptist Church and lead Minister Brian Luse, who was my Pastor back 5 years ago in the States while I was at Seminary, invited me to bring God’s message to them. And I did! I spoke on Revival“Why not Renfrew.” It deeply impacted many of the congregation and they Read the rest of this entry